Peppermint Mocha

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A holiday classic made with espresso, steamed milk, sweet mocha sauce, and peppermint-flavored syrup. It's all topped off with whipped cream and dark chocolate curls. YUM!

Love our scents? These 6-Piece Clamshell Wax Melts are a great alternative to candles for those with pets or kids who want the scent without the flame.


Candy Canes, Mocha Latte, and Whipped Cream


Approx. 2.75 fluid oz (3 oz net weight)
Each cube is 1"x1" (6 cubes total)


Breakaway 1–2 cubes and place in an electric warmer.
Allow the wax to pool for the best scent throw.


Tarts are a great flameless alternative to candles. Use with caution around pets and kids. Never leave wax melts unattended.


Paraffin-Soy wax, fragrance oil, liquid dye, plastic container

Handmade item

Materials: product label, liquid color dye, plastic case, Fragrance Oils, parasoy wax, paraffin soy wax blend

Only 1 available

Length: 4

Height: 1

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